Vidalite was born with a mission on its mind and a passion in its heart:

How to bring the perfect lighting solution to a modern world looking for relatable luxury? Vidalite began crafting fixtures that, yes, looked good on Instagram, but looked even better in real life.

Each Vidalite innovation begins with five ingredients, the values we believe are essential for designing interior tranquility: Illumination, Modernity, Luxury, Elegance, and Comfort.


Each product helps our customers see life in a more resonant and personal light.

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We cater to the current climate and contemporary audience. We do not live in the past, nor do we aspire to predict the future.


Life’s magic is found in its luxury. A bare lightbulb in a beautiful room is like wearing tighty-whities to a white tie gala. We are the gown and tuxedo.


Elegance is subtlety. It’s not what you see, but what you feel. Elegance is the aura born of wicked restraint.


Interior spaces are our comfortable spaces. Feeling at home is the ultimate culmination (and indication) of the perfect light.