Slim LED Wall Mounted Square Light

Slim LED Wall Mounted Square Light



Details +

  • Square Fixture: Illuminate the sides of your house, buildings, or outdoor walls with this elegant square fixture. The light cascades down the facade, creating a beautiful glow
  • Bulb Light: Distinct bulbs light up your wall in a warm glow. The outside of your home will look luxurious. The bulbs work in tandem to create a warm diffused aura
  • LED Power: The integrated LED light bulb provides a low glare smooth beam pattern. Light shines true and efficiently. The beams illuminate together, casting your house in a natural light
  • Earth Friendly: Long-lasting, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. LED uses less energy than old-fashioned fixtures. Brightens the outdoors of your home or building while also brightening our planet
  • Light Night: When the sun sets, the Cela outdoor light bathes the facades of your house in a gorgeous light. Looks great from your garden or the street. No more stumbling in the dark
  • Shines 2 Ways: Light emanates above and below, to create a complete lighting solution. The result is an outdoor wall illuminated in a warm and inviting light

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CRI (Color Rendering Index)


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Wall Light



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